Farrah Abraham Just Took a Major Swipe at Maci Bookout

farrah abraham

She just can't stop. Despite the fact that Farrah Abraham's feud with Amber Portwood seems to have reached an all-time high (what with cease and desist letters being sent and whatnot), the Teen Mom OG star is about to find herself in a new (epic) battle with Maci Bookout. The reason? Oh, you know, Farrah just called Maci an alcoholic


Farrah and Maci haven't gotten on well for several years now. In fact, if your Teen Mom OG memory is on point, you may remember that Maci threatened to quit the show in 2015 after Farrah was brought on mid-season. (Her reason being that she didn't want her son being on the same show as a porn star. Valid point.) But now that Farrah has called Maci an alcoholic, things are about to get so much worse between the women. 

Here's how everything went down: Not long after Ryan Edwards's drug problems were revealed, Farrah took a below-the-belt swipe at Maci -- publicly. At her 26th Gatsby-themed birthday bash in New York City, Farrah was asked about Maci's reaction to Ryan's checking into a rehab facility. Her response? "Who is she to talk about someone else's substance abuse when she's like an alcoholic?" she told In Touch


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Maci's drinking has been questioned before, but talk about bad timing. Farrah obviously saw how upset Maci was about Ryan during Teen Mom. She broke down while talking to Amber and Catelynn! Sh-t got real! Why would Farrah go there now? And publicly, too?

Bad idea.

No doubt, Maci will clap back at Farrah eventually, but for now, it looks like she has bigger issues to deal with.

Get ready, though, Farrah. You just made a big accusation. 

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