15 Reasons We Can't Help but Love Farrah Abraham

Nicole Pomarico | Jun 22, 2017 TV

farrah abraham and sophia

Love her or hate her, Farrah Abraham is one of the biggest parts of the Teen Mom franchise, and she's not going anywhere anytime soon. Even though she's constantly feuding with Amber Portwood and stirring up drama everywhere she goes, the show could not go on with Farrah, and we would never want it to!

But even if you aren't Farrah's biggest fan, you have to admit it -- she's a pretty awesome lady. Here are just 15 reasons why we love Farrah ... even if she is a little dramatic at times. Hey, at least she knows how to keep things interesting!

  • She Loves Sophia So Much


    No matter what Farrah has going on in her life, one thing is always obvious -- Sophia always comes first. Never have we doubted how much she loves her daughter, from the very first day they met, and if you don't believe us, check her Instagram. Sophia is present in most of her posts! 

  • She's Always Been Ambitious


    You can say this about her -- Farrah has never been one to sleep on her dreams! Whether she's launching her own furniture store or trying to sell frozen yogurt with an adorable mascot, this is a mom who is always hustling. It's no wonder she's been so successful! 

  • She Tells Sophia About Derek


    It can't be easy for Farrah to keep her ex, Derek, who passed away, in her memory, but since she wants Sophia to feel like she knows who her dad was, she does it all the time. She makes sure that Sophia visits Derek's grave every so often, and even keeps in touch with his parents so that Sophia can know her other set of grandparents. That's tough, but she does what's best for her kiddo!

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  • She Doesn't Care What Anyone Thinks About Her


    Farrah does what she wants, and doesn't care what anyone thinks -- and that's a super admirable quality. Knowing that she's likely going to get backlash for just about everything she does and says has to be stressful, but Farrah keeps living life on her terms despite it.

  • She Is Positively Dripping With Self Confidence


    Farrah very obviously loves herself, and it's an awesome thing to witness! Sometimes, she makes herself her own #WCW, and sometimes, she just posts tons of her favorite selfies, but no matter what, it seems her self-confidence is in a great place. That's such a wonderful example for her to set for Sophia!

  • She Tries to Get Along With Her Parents


    For years, Farrah has struggled with her relationship with her parents, but never for a minute has she given up on trying to make things work. Sometimes, they're getting family counseling on TV, and that's a little much, but no matter how much Farrah fights with her parents, she never stops trying to keep them in her life -- and Sophia's.

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  • She Always Defends Herself


    While some people try to please everyone to their core, Farrah is not like that, and that's no easy task. If anyone's ever speaking badly about her, she doesn't hesitate to defend herself, and she doesn't need anyone to rescue her either. It's just one way she always shows her strength! 

  • And She Defends Sophia, Too


    Even though it's no fair for people to judge someone as young as Sophia, people do. But she doesn't need to worry about it, because her mom is always first in line to defend her! People like to criticize the way Sophia looks and silly stuff like when Farrah let Sophia wear makeup on picture day at school, but we love that Farrah doesn't put up with any of it! 

  • She Never Whines


    We've gotta hand it to her -- no matter what challenges are thrown her way, Farrah's absolutely not a whiner. She might be ready to point out when something is wrong or unfair, but when there's an issue, she immediately tries to tackle it without any pointless whining. We wish we could be more like that! 

  • She Finally Cut Simon Loose


    We've been waiting to find out when Farrah would dump Simon for good, and now that the time is finally here, we couldn't be more proud! It can't be easy to let go of a relationship that's been such a big part of her life for so long, but since she couldn't see a future with him, she cut him off. Way to go, girl. Go get your happy ending! 

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  • She Built Her Own Career


    Some people might judge Farrah for jumping her career off of 16 & Pregnant and a sex tape, but you've gotta hand it to her -- she's built her empire from the ground up, and she should be so proud of that. We're constantly impressed by how far she's come, and we can't wait to see what she'll accomplish in the future.

  • She's Brutally Honest


    No matter what the topic is, Farrah's always honest and uncensored. Okay, so it gets her in trouble from time to time, and she's not the most tactful gal out there, but her honesty is admirable. She always speaks her mind, and she doesn't care who hears it -- or who doesn't like it.

  • She Knows What She Wants


    And she always goes after it! If she wants to move to LA, she gets out to LA and starts looking at houses. She wants a mini-horse in the backyard? She goes out and gets one for Sophia's birthday! Farrah's always living the life she wants to have, and it's inspiring.

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  • She's a Hard Worker


    Farrah's juggling so many jobs (and stores!) right now, we don't even want to imagine what her life is like, especially when you add Teen Mom OG to the mix! The amount of time she must spend on planes! The amount of time she must spend not sleeping! We have no idea how she does it, so we're seriously impressed.

  • She's Seriously Gorgeous


    We are jealous of Farrah every day, from how perfect her hair always looks to her flawlessly done eyebrows. Maybe she can share her secrets with us?! Or at least her makeup artist?

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