Farrah Abraham Is Joining a New Dating Show

teen mom farrah abraham

Now that Farrah Abraham is back on the market again, it's time for her to get back out there and find a new man -- and she's starting her search in a huge way! Farrah will star in a new MTV dating show, so maybe this time she'll actually find her prince charming?


While talking to Us Weekly recently, Farrah revealed that she'll be on a show called Love Socially, and she seems pretty pumped about the opportunity. 

Farrah told the mag: 

"I hope I find [love] this summer. The new show is called Love Socially. It's based with MTV UK and International, so a division of Teen Mom. [It will be filmed] in Australia, London, and four other countries with four other celebrities."

That sounds like a blast -- and if Farrah doesn't find love, at least she'll spend her summer doing some awesome traveling! 

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And the best part of this show? Farrah will actually be dating her own fans. Here's a description of the show from the Sun:

"They will use their social media accounts as their own dating agent, and offer out dates to their fans. Any of their followers, anywhere in the world, will potentially go out on a date."

That sounds pretty cool. It's definitely a different approach than what Farrah's taken in the past, but who knows? This could be exactly what works for her!  

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