'Teen Mom' Producer Accused of Supplying Ryan Edwards With Pills

maci and ryan

It's been a hard few weeks for Ryan Edwards, who is currently in rehab, and now, there's a rumor that makes his situation even more complicated. Farrah Abraham's ex, Simon Saran, accused a Teen Mom producer of giving Ryan drugs that he became addicted to. What?! 


According to a tweet Simon shared on Monday, co-executive producer Kirsten Malone -- otherwise known as Kiki -- is the one responsible for giving Ryan pills while shooting. And from what Simon said, it seems like he has a lot more dirt to spill than just that.

Unfortunately, he's not talking just yet, and that tweet was the end of his sharing his thoughts on the topic. And if this is true, it has the potential to be explosive. We don't want to think about what getting caught doing something like that would do to Kiki's career or even the show in general.

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So far, Simon's claims have yet to be confirmed or denied, and MTV is keeping their lips zipped for now. We seriously hope that isn't what happened, though. Someone Ryan works with shouldn't mess with his life like that! 

Lately, rumors have been swirling about Ryan having a substance abuse problem, and earlier this week, news broke that he'd entered a rehab facility not long after quietly marrying longtime girlfriend Mackenzie Standifer. Whatever's going on in the world of Ryan is scary right now, but we're glad he's getting the help he needs.

Here's hoping more details come to light soon. We want to know exactly what's going on here. Simon, fill us in! 

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