New 'Evidence' of JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers's Split Surfaces

jojo fletcher jordan rodgers
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Uh oh, there may be trouble in Bachelorette paradise. Rumor has it that after a year together, Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher may be headed for a breakup.


The source of the rumors springs from the fact that JoJo and Jordan recently unfollowed each other on social media. A vigilant Reddit user noticed the odd move. They followed each other again about a couple of hour later, but still? 

That is interesting, and we wonder why they would do that. We're sure there are some reasons that might explain it, but we can't really think of any that make a whole lot of sense beyond a breakup. They're both too tech savvy for it to be a mistake. 

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Still, the couple has seemed head-over-heels in love for the past year and have posted plenty of lovey-dovey pictures recently. So we're not putting too much stock in these rumors at this point. We will, however, be watching and waiting to see what happens. 

While a breakup is (almost) never something to cheer about, there is at least one silver lining if this one does materialize: With Ben Higgins back on the market after his breakup with Lauren Bushnell, maybe there could be hope for Ben and JoJo after all? No offense to Jordan, but we know plenty of fans who would be cheering them on! 

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