Lauren Bushnell Sounds Pretty Bitter About Her Split From Ben Higgins

lauren bushnell ben higgins
Felipe Ramales/Splash News

Lauren Bushnell isn't about to let news of her breakup with Ben Higgins fade away anytime soon it seems. Instead the former winner of The Bachelor season 20 is speaking out about just how heart-wrenching it was to watch Higgins profess his love for JoJo Fletcher on the season finale. 


In an interview, she told People magazine:

"I don't think I've ever talked about how hurtful that was. I always try to be really strong because I wanted to move forward from it. But because I wanted to move forward from it, I don't think I ever really opened up about how hard that was just in terms of, like, I wanted to make that decision to get engaged one time in my life and I felt like I wasn't told everything that had happened."

She went on:

"I know that JoJo was told what had happened. I almost felt a little bit betrayed. That was really hard, but we moved forward from that."

Hmmm. For all that talk of moving forward, it doesn't actually sound like she ever really did. 

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We get it. It would be hard for anyone to hear the man they love go on and on about his connection with another woman. But he ultimately chose Lauren, and it's just the nature of the show. To bring it up now just makes her sound a bit bitter, and perhaps reeks a bit of a ploy to keep herself in the spotlight a little longer? They officially broke up almost a month ago, so why still keep pointing those pretty fingers?

Breakups are never easy, but throwing blame, especially in the media, certainly doesn't make it any better for anyone involved. We hope they're both able to truly move on from this and find partners that are truly right for them. 

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