Briana DeJesus Sets the Record Straight on 'Teen Mom 2' Drama

briana dejesus teen mom aftershow

Since it was revealed that Briana DeJesus is returning to Teen Mom, rumors of nothing but drama, drama, drama between the cast members have been flying. DeJesus, however, recently opened up and gave the inside scoop on just how the ladies are really getting along and what we can expect to see on Teen Mom 2 in season 8.


As for all that drama, she's says things are actually quite cordial between her and her costars ... at least so far. She told Us Weekly:

"I've spoken with most of the girls on the show. They're excited to have me on. All those rumors going around the Internet are completely false, none of us are beefing. Of course, it might be hard for me to come into this new group of moms because I'm the newbie, so I can understand their feelings and if they're concerned about me coming on, but I just want to help these girls and help the girls watching us."

That doesn't mean there won't be drama elsewhere on the show, particularly when it comes to her own family. She talked about her sister Brittany who had an abortion, while Briana chose to keep her daughter Nova, who is now 5. "Now you really see how our decisions affected us -- the good and bad about both and the different paths we both took," she said. 

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And then there's Devoin, her ex and Nova's dad, with whom her relationship is said to be "strained."

"He's wishy-washy. You don't know what to expect from him. He'll come visit for a week straight, then I won't hear from him for a month. Nova is so beautiful. He's missing out on so much and she's missing out on a real father figure."

As for who's the father of the baby she's currently pregnant with, Luis, clips show things aren't all that great between them either. "I don't know how to say, he's been cheating on me this whole time," we heard her say on a clip for the show. Oy! 

We can hardly wait until this summer to see how everything plays out. There's plenty going on in each of the girls' lives without their fighting with each other. If they really can get along and support each other, that would be great for everyone involved, but this is Teen Mom 2 we're talking about, so we're not exactly holding our breath. 

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