Lauren Bushnell Dishes on What Really Went Wrong With Ben Higgins

ben and lauren bachelor

Last month, we were pretty shocked when Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins decided to split, calling off their Bachelor engagement. But now the reason behind their decision makes a little more sense. Lauren opened up about her breakup with Ben, giving some real insight into what happened behind the scenes.


In an interview with People, Lauren admitted that while they still had chemistry, emotionally, she and Ben just weren't connecting anymore -- and that had been going on for a while.

She told the mag: 

"I remember during filming Happily Ever After, I was so stressed out, we couldn't even communicate with one another while we were filming Happily Ever After. We were just stressed and tired physically. Emotionally, I just felt like it wasn't there anymore."

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Aww. Poor Ben and Lauren. It sucks that things had to end this way, but it's great that they figured out that it was never going to work between them before things got too serious -- like, before they actually got married. 

Besides, both halves of this former couple are total catches. We don't doubt that they'll both find their real happily ever after soon enough.

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