'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay's Final Pick Has Already Been Leaked

rachel lindsay
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Well, this is pretty early for a spoiler of this magnitude. According to a new report, Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's final rose has been revealed. Reality Steve claims to know who Lindsay winds up with -- and going by his track record, he's probably right. (Stop reading if you don't want to know!) 


According to Reality Steve, the Dallas-based attorney winds up with 27-year-old chiropractor Bryan Abasolo. Initially, Steve reported that Rachel winds up with Peter Kraus, but now he's correcting himself, saying that Rachel ends up with Bryan, who received the first impression rose. 

bryan abasolo

Lucky guy.

More from CafeMom:

Evidently, Rachel's final four guys are: 

Peter Kraus: 

peter kraus

Dean Unglert:

dean unglert

Eric Bigger:

eric bigger

And Bryan, obviously. 

We'll see what happens this season, but we're putting our money on Bryan at this point. We're only three episodes in, so the producers may want to tweak some of the editing so it doesn't seem like Rachel and Bryan are going to wind up together in every episode (like JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers's season). But so far, Bryan seems like a good pick. 

Whoever Rachel winds up with, we're happy for her. And maybe even more so, we're happy for her fiancé, because man, she is one heck of a catch. 

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