Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Admit Their Marriage Is Far From Perfect

maci bookout and taylor mckinney

So many things are happening this season on Teen Mom OG that we never thought would happen, and now, one of our favorite couples is experiencing a little trouble in paradise. On Monday night's episode, Maci and Taylor exposed the problems they had in their relationship.


It took a lot of guts for them to admit that they've been bickering, and honestly, with two little ones (and a big kid) to take care of, it was only a matter of time. Who wouldn't be arguing over the small stuff when you're that tired? 

But even though we hate to imagine this golden couple fighting, it's a fact of life -- and it was actually really refreshing to see them open up about their problems and then take steps to solve them before it becomes too late. 

And speaking of drama, we're really glad we didn't see Amber and Matt at each other's throats again, but we're not glad that Amber was still bummed, anyway. It breaks our hearts to see her tear up over not getting more time with Leah, but now that Gary's moved closer, that could change. Plus, how sweet is his new house?

It's good to see him and Amber getting along, even if their custody arrangement still has a few wrinkles in it -- at least, as far as Amber's concerned. And it was so precious the way that Leah loved her surprise new bedroom! 

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Meanwhile, Farrah seems to be taking positive steps toward her future, and after watching her go nowhere with Simon, it's a relief to see her getting back out there. Her date was too cute. Not that many dudes are comfortable going for a pedi, so she should hang onto this one.

And whether or not she moves to LA, she seems to be doing just fine, with or without a man in her life. She even had a civil lunch with her mom. Could she have actually turned over a new leaf and meant it? 

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The saddest part of the ep for us was when Catelynn and Tyler brought up how they haven't seen Carly in so long, and that Teresa hasn't been answering their texts lately. It's such a sweet gesture that Cate wants to name their foundation after Carly, but it sounds like she's going to need a little more cooperation from Carly's mom to make that happen. 

It was also really eye-opening to see Cate visit the pregnancy centers. If anyone could successfully run a home like that for teens with nowhere else to go, it's her!

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