15 Things About Cole DeBoer That Might Surprise You

Cole DeBoer

When Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska married Cole DeBoer, fans all over the world collectively sighed with happiness. Our girl had finally found her Prince Charming, and she deserved only the best. Cole has been an amazing partner to Chels and father figure to Aubree, and is now a dad to a sweet new baby boy named Watson. From what we can tell, he is pretty much the best dad ever. But we want to know more about him! Can you blame us? 


If you follow Cole or Chelsea on Instagram, then you know that this family looks as happy as can be -- and we couldn't be more thrilled about it. Cole seems like just the man Chelsea and Aubree needed in their lives. But, after watching everything Chelsea has been through over the years, we can't help but be curious about this man she is now spending her life with. Call us nosy, but we can't help that we're invested! 

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So, we did some digging in order to uncover some random, funny, and even relatable facts about the guy who stole Chelsea's heart. Many of these will probably just make you love him even more to be honest. Read on for 15 things you may not have known about the man we only get glimpses of on TV and Instagram. Some things might surprise you!

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