Turns Out 'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay May Have a Super Famous Ex

rachel lindsay bachelorette
Paul Hebert/ABC

Rachel Lindsay may be looking for love on The Bachelorette these days, but as it turns out, her dating history before the show was just as exciting. Apparently, Rachel dated NBA star Kevin Durant in college -- before they were both famous! 


According to what a source close to the Bach star tells Us Weekly, their breakup was a friendly one, and it was more sparked by their plans for the future than anything else. Wait, is it just us, or has Rachel always been good at handling her relationships -- even when she was just a student at the University of Texas?!  

"They broke up when she went to law school," the insider told the mag. "It was a pretty serious relationship." 

Could you imagine how different things would be if they'd stayed together?! We'd have a different Bachelorette, for one.

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Unfortunately, those are all the details the insider was willing to hand out, so we'll have to wait and hope that the former couple decides to come forward with more information ... even though that will probably never happen. If Rachel hasn't brought it up on the show so far, we doubt she'll ever talk about it! 

Rachel, if you're reading this, please supply us with throwback pics of the two of you together. We're dying to see proof that this relationship really happened! 

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