Amber Portwood Won't Let Matt Baier Hold Her Back Anymore

Nate Beckett/Splash News

Even though at one point it seemed like Amber Portwood and Matt Baier would be together forever, the rollercoaster their relationship has seemed to be on over the last month could change all that. And now? Matt and Amber might actually be over -- for real this time. 


These two have had such a dramatic season on Teen Mom OG already, between their arguments at home to the epically bad trip to Las Vegas. But earlier this week, she sent out a pretty cryptic tweet that could mean she's finally decided to walk away from their relationship. 


Fans immediately chimed in to ask if this meant she and Matt had broken up, offering her their support. Seems like everyone's ready for this engagement to be over, especially since Amber hasn't seemed happy with him for a long time.

And if what sources close to the couple tells Radar Online is true, it definitely sounds like they've split up -- and that Matt won't be at the Teen Mom OG reunion that's filming this weekend. 

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"They broke up again, but Amber has a hard time saying no to him," a source told the site. "She knows he has nowhere to go if she kicks him out." 

With the way he's treated her, that would be the last thing on our minds! But we totally get why Amber is treading lightly -- Matt does seem to have a temper. And it's her relationship, so she gets to decide how it ends... if it's ending at all. 

Our fingers are crossed that the next thing we hear from Amber is that she's a single lady. We have a feeling she'd be so much happier without him! 

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