'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Gets Help Finding Love From Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis and ashton Kutcher help Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

When it comes to finding a good guy, some ladies will accept all the help they can get -- especially if it comes from a happily married celebrity couple. Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay got assistance from Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who stopped by to offer their input on who is "husband material" for the stunning 32-year-old attorney from Texas.


Apparently the ABC reality show is a "guilty pleasure" for the parents of two, who starred together on That 70s Show. They enjoy with white wine (for Mila) and a vodka tonic (for Ashton). Sounds like heaven, right?

"We came on because we love Rachel," Mila told Rachel's suitors. "When we found out that she was gonna be The Bachelorette we freaked out and called the producers and asked if we could help her find a husband."

Who could say no to that? And it looks like they had a blast "helping" out. The diaper duty and household-chore obstacle course had to remind these two of home. LOL.

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Take a longer look at how cute this couple is and how seriously they took assisting Rachel. We love that Ashton doesn't seem to think any of these fellas is good enough for their gal!

Kunis seems a bit more optimistic and believes Lindsay should use her full six weeks to find love. Kutcher, whose evening might even be more fun than the day he spent on-set, told Kunis that he knew right away she was the one. 

"Someone’s definitely getting laid tonight," said Mila playfully.

Here's hoping Lindsay gets her happy ending too!

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