Chelsea DeBoer Shows Off Her Post-Baby Bod for the First Time

Chelsea Houska

Since Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer welcomed her second baby, Watson, we've seen tons of pics of the little guy looking as adorable as can be, but there's been one thing missing: his mama! Fortunately, that has all officially changed. Over the weekend, Chelsea shared her first post-baby pic, and homegirl looks good


Something else that's important about this photo? It's the first full family pic of Chels, Cole, Watson, and Aubree together at the same time as a unit, and it has exceeded all expectations. And of course, the entire group is well dressed, because this is Chelsea's crew we're talking about. 

chelsea houska family

There are so many good things to notice in this photo, like Watson's suspenders and the less-than-pleased expression on his face, but what really matters? How fab this mom of two is looking, despite the fact that she just gave birth a few months ago.

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We shouldn't be surprised, though. Before getting pregnant with Watson, Chelsea was all about that gym life and constantly pounding protein shakes, so we don't doubt that she hopped right back on the fitness wagon as soon as she was able to. And by the looks of this photo, it's definitely paid off so far. 

Hopefully, there are more photos like this to come. We can't wait until the next season of Teen Mom 2 to see Chelsea's growing family in action ... even though it's totally going to be worth the wait when we get to see Aubree and Watson interact.

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