Jenelle Evans Makes a Tough Decision in Regards to Jace's Custody

jenelle evans
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Okay, we've got to give credit where credit is due. Despite some of the idiotic choices she's made in the past, Jenelle Evans was smart to keep Jace in the dark during the custody battle with her mother, Barbara. Who knows if the same can be said for Barb? 


As of this week, the custody battle between Jenelle and Barbara over 7-year-old Jace has been resolved (Barb still has primary custody, but Jenelle gets her son on weekends, holidays, and during the summer). But while they were in the thick of it, Jenelle made sure her son didn't know what was going on. 

Speaking to People, Jenelle said that Jace has been asking her when he's going to be able to live with her. "I said, 'Well, hopefully by the summer you’ll be living here.' But that’s all I told him -- I don’t want him to know too much right now 'cause it’s really detrimental," she said. Smart. 

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Jenelle also revealed that she and her mother pretty much never talk, unless it's about the logistics of Jace, as any conversation they have is 100 percent guaranteed to end of up in a fight. "We really don’t talk other than if it’s about Jace, because if we are around each other too much we start arguing," she said. 

While Jenelle's mother may still have primarary custody of Jace, things are definitely looking up for the Teen Mom 2 star, and she's certainly closer to her goal of having him back full time than ever before. If she can just keep her act together and continue to make smart decisions like shielding her children from any drama in her life, she very well may have him by next year.

Fingers crossed. 

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