Mackenzie Douthit's Baby Is Suffering From Health Problems

mackenzie douthit baby

Poor Broncs. After spending some time in the NICU after he was born, it looks like Mackenzie Douthit's youngest kid can't catch a break. Mackenzie opened up about Broncs's latest health scare, and we feel so bad for the little guy.


On Tuesday, Mackenzie Snapchatted Broncs from his physical therapy appointment, and as it turns out, he's dealing with some developmental issues thanks to the gestational diabetes Mackenzie suffered from while she was pregnant. 

It's heartbreaking to think that Broncs is already having to overcome these obstacles in order to catch up to other babies his age, but good for Mackenzie for taking care of the problem.

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Plus, it doesn't seem like Broncs is hurting too much. In every photo and video she's shared of him on Instagram, he's seemed just as happy as any other baby, learning to talk and always grinning that toothless grin at the camera. He's too cute.

We hope things will get easier for Broncs (and his mom) as he gets older. He's obviously a fighter, so we'd bet on him anytime. He and Mackenzie already make an awesome team.

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