Farrah Abraham Offers Her Two Cents About Amber Portwood's Rumored Sex Tape

Amber Portwood Farrah Abraham

In case you haven't heard the news, let us be the ones to fill you in. Vivid Entertainment has offered Amber Portwood and Matt Baier a hefty paycheck to create a sex tape, and they're the same company who put out Farrah Abraham's tape. Not surprisingly, Farrah is firing back at Amber's proposed deal, and this mama ain't happy.


The Amber/Farrah feud has been going on for what feels like forever, and there's no chance it's slowing down now!

Farrah -- who isn't one to keep her thoughts to herself -- spoke with The Dirty about Amber's deal, and it seems like she thinks it's a classic case of jealousy ... of course.

She told the site: 

Again, seems like Matt and Amber are working with corrupted old management of mine, Gina Rodriguez, who is a failed porn star and I would caution them but they're felons and criminals. So see why they hope to follow in footsteps of mine. The envy of them wanting to be me never fails, as I see it copying and following in my footsteps is a little old -- like Matt is.

Wow, Farrah. Tell us how you really feel!

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And that wasn't all she had to say, either. She added: 

As Amber has enough mental issues and body issues, I doubt doing a sex tape at 26 is the right direction. Her surgery didn't work. Good luck to Vivid and Matt and Amber, as I see all their drama and fake set up press is really not entertaining and cries to wish they were famous. It's sad how hard Amber tries to be me. Matt the conman who doesn't even like her and is trying to pimp her out to get money for himself. This is all sad. Amber is a washed up felon.

Ouch. Knowing Amber, Farrah won't have the last word on this. Surely she has something to say back, and it's just a matter of time before we hear it.

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