Amber Portwood Reportedly Has a Sex Tape in the Works

Amber Portwood Matt Baier

Just in case you thought Amber Portwood and Matt Baier were actually over this time, think again. Not only are they still together, but they're thinking of doing something very ... couple-y. Amber and Matt could have a sex tape in the works, and it's from the same company that Farrah Abraham used! 


And according to documents about the deal obtained by Us Weekly, it's a pretty hefty offer too. The site reports that Vivid Entertainment is offering her an $85,000 advance payment along with 35 percent of the video's net revenues, and reportedly, Amber and Matt have already sat down with Vivid to discuss the particulars. 

In fact, Amber even spoke openly about the offer with E! News, and it sounds like while she's not totally psyched about it, it could actually happen. She told the site: 

It's in consideration. I still have not made up my mind. I am not strapped for cash. I have a nice house, a nice life. I have everything I need. But I'm a business person. 

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Amber did add that a major pro to taking the deal would be that it would help her and Matt open up those rehab facilities they've been talking about for years, so at this point, it seems like that could draw her into saying yes. 

But what will happen? Who knows. After witnessing Matt's volatile behavior on Teen Mom OG this week, we're not so sure these two are going to be a couple long enough to make a sex tape, even for the cash payout involved. 

Guess we'll have to sit back and see what happens, but that kind of money sure is tempting.

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