15 Pics of Maci Bookout's Kids That Are Irresistible

Nicole Pomarico | Jun 7, 2017 TV
15 Pics of Maci Bookout's Kids That Are Irresistible

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Three kiddos later, it's pretty obvious -- Maci Bookout makes some beautiful babies. Bentley, Jayde, and Maverick are the most adorable kids, and we've loved watching them grow up on Teen Mom OG ... especially while watching Bentley become such an awesome big brother. 

Here are 15 photos of Maci's kids that are way too cute for words. Hopefully you're gushing over them just as much as we are! 

  • Maverick's Adorable Grin


    Maverick may be the youngest of Maci's clan, but he's definitely got the family grin! It's crazy how much he looks like his older brother already, and we can't get enough of those perfect baby cheeks.

  • This Precious Side-by-Side Comparison


    Jayde and Maverick tearing into cake face-first is too cute for words. They look like they're having the time of their lives -- although with a handful of cake, who wouldn't be?

  • This Birthday Shot


    Since their birthdays are so close together, it's pretty convenient for Maci to celebrate both of them at once ... and of course, it results in adorable pics like this one. It's been so much fun watching Jayde and Mav grow up together so far! 

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  • These Snapchat Cuties


    This selfie is so perfect -- Jayde and her mom are practically twins! From what we've seen on Teen Mom OG, this little one can definitely be a handful, so we love seeing these rare moments when she and Maci just get to chill ... and they look so cute doing it.

  • Maci & Bentley Being BFFs


    Ever since he was born, Maci and Bentley have had such a special bond, and it's awesome to see that it's continued as he gets older. Anytime we get to see these two interact, it's adorable. Hopefully that won't change when Bentley hits his teen years! 

  • This Group Shot


    There might be a big age gap between Bentley and his little siblings, but he obviously loves them a lot -- and it's great to see him hanging out with them too. Eventually, Mav will be able to join them on a bike as well. It won't be long before Maci's hitting the streets with three big kids! 

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  • Jayde & Maverick Matching


    Jayde loving on her brother is cute, but Jayde loving on her brother in color-coordinating outfits? Too cute! They're so close in age that it could definitely mean trouble, so we're glad to see that so far they seem to be getting along just fine. Hopefully that never changes!

  • Maci Cuddling Her Little Ones


    This photo is the very definition of multitasking, but even so, it's still adorable. Having two kiddos on your lap is quite a task, but Maci always seems to handle it flawlessly ... even while balancing snacks on the arm of the couch.

  • Jayde in a Suitcase


    Miss Jayde sitting in a suitcase is just too much. Maybe she wanted to go on a trip with her mom? Either way, we love that she's still so small she fits perfectly. They'd probably consider her a carry-on, right?

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  • Maverick's Social Media Debut


    When Maci decided to share Maverick with the world for the first time, she chose this as the first photo she'd post of him on Instagram, and it was definitely worth the wait. Look at that little face! Even then, it was obvious he looks so much like his big brother.

  • Jayde Hitting the Pool


    Is it just us, or is it safe to say that Jayde's already a total princess? She's living our dream life in this float, shaded from the sun and holding a sippy cup. What could be better than that? Plus, she looks so cute in the process.

  • Jayde Celebrating Her First Easter


    Look at this perfect bunny! Jayde is totally pulling off those ears, right? It's hard to believe that this year was only her second time hunting for eggs, but this photo is the perfect memory of her first.

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  • This Closeup of Jayde


    Jayde was crawling way close to the camera for this one, but don't worry -- we're loving it. Those pacifier days don't last forever, so we're glad that Maci has seemed to soak up every minute of it. Those eyes, though. That's one beautiful baby! 

  • Jayde Cheesin' for the Camera


    Who could ever say no to this face?! Jayde has been a total cutie pie since day one, and this photo is one of our favorites. How is it possible she's always been such a happy baby?

  • This Christmas Photo of Bentley & Jayde


    We love that Bentley and Jayde have been close since day one, especially now that she's walking and talking! This Christmas snap of them is so precious ... and it's from the only year they'd have without their little bro! 

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