Nathan Griffith May Have Accused Jenelle Evans of the Unthinkable

Jenelle Evans Kaiser

We've come to accept that Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans will probably never have a friendly co-parenting relationship, but this might be the worst things have ever been between them. Apparently Nathan may have accused Jenelle of child abuse ... or did he do the opposite? 


Jenelle recently posted a photo of Kaiser with Ensley at the beach, and fans pointed out in the comments that the bruises on his arm look like the kind that could come from someone grabbing him forcefully. 

Kaiser Ensley

Not long after the photo was posted, Nathan got a little cryptic on Twitter.

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He tweeted:


There is no way of knowing what Nathan means by this. Is he saying Jenelle definitely doesn't abuse his son, or is this an accusation? It's impossible to tell based on what he said.

Jenelle has never given us a reason to think that she does anything but love her children, so we're not worried. All we have is proof that Jenelle is doing her best to be an awesome mom to her kiddos. And if we know her as well as we think we do, there's no way she's going to let Nathan make an accusation like this -- assuming that's what he did, of course. Guess we'll just have to wait and see whether or not she offers any sort of response to what he said.

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