Jenelle Evans Might Be Getting Her Own 'Teen Mom 2' Spin-Off


If you've ever wanted to see more of Jenelle Evans than her Teen Mom 2 segments can offer, you're in luck. It sounds like Jenelle may be getting a spin-off, and if it happens, we are definitely watching.


There's been a bit of buzz around the Teen Mom 2 cast, especially when it comes to new shows that focus on only one of the girls. Kailyn Lowry seems to have been pulling for a show about her and frequently talks about it on her Snapchat, but now, it sounds like Jenelle is the most likely candidate!

When a fan asked Jenelle when she's getting her own show, our girl had a coy response prepared, making it sound like something could be in the works. 

jenelle evans show

She also offered up a similar response when another fan asked her about a special about fixing up her house. What is going on?! We are going to need more details! 

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Unfortunately, Jenelle didn't get into the specifics, but hopefully, if she is getting her own show, we'll find out what the deal is soon. She's always so entertaining that we know it'd be a total hit. Just give us an extra hour a week of Babs and we'd be happy.

And even though Ensley has yet to make her television debut, we have a feeling that when she does, we're not going to be able to get enough of her. That makes a spin-off absolutely necessary all by itself, if you ask us. 

Our fingers are crossed that if Jenelle does get a spin-off, it doesn't mean her time on Teen Mom 2 is over. The show wouldn't be the same without her.

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