Briana DeJesus Shares the Sex & Name of Her Baby-to-Be

briana dejesus

Briana DeJesus will make her Teen Mom 2 debut soon, but before that, she has another huge life event in the future -- welcoming her new baby. Briana just revealed her baby's sex and name, so we have even more details on her future little one.


Briana took to Twitter to share a new photo of her baby bump, and to supply fans with an update on pregnancy. According to her post, Briana is expecting a daughter to be named Stella, and she and her loved ones recently celebrated with a baby shower.

briana dejesus baby shower

Her caption said: 

God, today was such a hectic day. I had about a million break downs but I was glad I was able to spend my 23rd birthday celebrating my daughter's baby shower and pulling this off! Thank you for everyone who came out of their way to make it special for me. I feel so huge and I am so uncomfortable in my skin but that only means that the time is coming! Stella, you will be loved and everybody can't wait to meet you! 

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Major props to Briana for being so honest about how she feels. It can't be easy dealing with the late stages of pregnancy, but by sharing her true feelings, there's a good chance she's making other expectant mamas feel a little less alone.

And if it's any consolation, she looks gorgeous and is glowing in that photo.

We can't wait to meet her baby when she arrives, and to see her in action (along with Briana and her first daughter, Nova) on Teen Mom 2 next season. Is it time for the show to come back yet?! 

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