Latest 'Teen Mom OG' Drama Leaves the Girls Uncertain About Their Futures

amber catelynn maci

This season of Teen Mom OG is finally starting to heat up -- and the drama is just as juicy as ever. While some of our moms were making progress in their personal and professional lives this week, others were hitting major roadblocks. Now more than ever, their futures seem very uncertain. 


First of all, we have to mention how proud we are of Catelynn and Tyler. After they've had to overcome such difficult things in their marriage so far like mental illness, it looks like they're finally getting to the good stuff. Seeing how excited they are about their clothing line? Priceless. 

And since Nova is always so well dressed, we don't doubt that these two are going to do an awesome job -- especially now that they've hired their first employee!

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And then, there's Farrah, who is actually making strides. Okay, so the hypnotherapy thing was a little weird, but something good did come out of it when she decided she had to move on from Simon. It's been pretty clear for a while that they're not on the same page, and if Farrah ever wants that love story she's been searching for, she's going to have to meet new people.

Now, the real question: whether or not she sticks to it. We could be wrong, but was that a tear Simon had in his eye when she told him they were over? Hopefully he doesn't drag her back in like he always does.

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Next, we have Maci, who's still dealing with Ryan drama. This time, it's not about his parents, though. We are dying to know what she found out about him -- although we totally get why she wouldn't want to disclose that kind of information on camera. Since she sounds worried about his health, we really hope he's okay! 

Good for her for trying to protect Bentley from it, though -- and for wanting the best for Ryan because he's her son's father.

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But above all else, we're really worried about Amber. With all the rumors about her relationship with Matt going around lately, it's no surprise that things are continuing to go downhill, but we were not impressed with the way he treated her. When Amber didn't want to get married without Leah, his entire attitude changed. And then he told the producer that she's a "f**king psycho ass" and threatened to fake their relationship for the cameras if he had to? Not cool. Not cool at all.

Oh, and by the way, if your man proposes a last minute wedding and your first instinct is to cry (and not happy tears, either), you definitely need to rethink the relationship. There are red flags all over the place! 

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