'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay's Season Kicks Off With a Clear Frontrunner

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette
Paul Hebert/ABC

After what felt like the longest wait ever, Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season is officially here! On Monday night, Rachel met all 31 (yes, 31) of her men one by one as they exited their limos as per tradition, and while a few of the guys definitely stood out among the rest, there's one in particular who already seems to have captured Rachel's heart. 


First of all, can we talk about how strange some of Rachel's suitors are already? We don't know what was worse: the guy who took the opportunity to awkwardly tickle Rachel (no thanks) or the guy who kept yelling "whaboom!" every chance he got. Ugh! 

And we couldn't help but share Rachel's squicky feelings when Fred showed up. We would never be able to date a guy who we were once in charge of when he was a kid ... even if it was a long time ago and Rachel was just his camp counselor. His days on the show have got to be numbered.

But never mind those guys. It was pretty obvious that Rachel is already super into Brian. He warned her he was trouble when he got out of that limo, and he wasn't wrong, because their multiple makeout sessions were steamy AF!

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After seeing their instant chemistry, we weren't surprised at all that she decided to give him the coveted first impression rose ... and at this point, we're totally expecting him to make it far in this competition. He's cute, he speaks Spanish, and he's already knocked her off her feet -- what's not to love?!

Now that we've seen the premiere, we can't wait to see the rest of the season unfold. Rachel's already admitted she's engaged, so is the lucky guy Brian, or someone else? We need it to be next Monday now!  

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