Jenelle Evans Is About to Battle Her Mom in Court for Custody of Jace

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The battle that just won't quit. This week, Jenelle Evans will be heading back to court to fight her mother, Barbara Evans, for custody of her 7-year-old son, Jace. The Teen Mom 2 star has been going head to head against her mother for about four years now for custody of her oldest son, and in only a few days, it looks like all of their fates will be decided. 


Jenelle's mom has had custody of her son since he was a baby (when Jenelle was using drugs), but since she's been clean, she's been trying to get him back. Barbara doesn't really care, though. She's been fighting her daughter tooth and nail for years now. Barb even prevented Jenelle from seeing Jace on Mother's Day this year!

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Jenelle certainly is no walk in the park, but the mom of three seems to have her stuff together these days. Not only is she clean and spending time with her two youngest, Kaiser and Ensley, she's got a good thing going with her fiancé, David Eason. Hopefully, Babs -- who's far from being a walk in the park herself -- will let up one of these days. 

Understandably, Jenelle is apprehensive about her big day in court. On Twitter recently, she told fans, "Next Wednesday. Im very nervous and scared but ready to get Jace's final court date dealt with." She then added, "We have the 24th and 25th to deal with Jace's case. A final decision for Jace's custody will be dealt with on one of those days."

jenelle evans

jenelle evans

Jenelle also asked her fans for "prayers from here until the end of the week."

Jenelle's relationship with her mother has seemed to only get worse in recent years, so it's more likely than not that this is going to be an ugly battle. That said, hopefully both of them can keep in mind what's most important here -- Jace -- and do what's best for him. 

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