Chris Soules Spotted in Public for the First Time Since His Arrest

Chris Soules Bachelor

There's no arguing it -- Chris Soules has had an incredibly difficult month. After his arrest following a fatal car wreck in April, he is now facing his arraignment later this week. Chris was finally spotted in public for the first time since his arrest, and we have to admit we're a bit worried about him. 


A Bachelor fan named Ashley Overton shared a selfie she took with Chris while he was shopping at an O'Reilly Auto Parts store. Ashley, who is an employee at the store, called him her "sweet customer" in her caption. 

chris soules fan selfie
And even though Chris is smiling in the picture, he definitely looks like he's lost weight. His face has thinned out dramatically, and we can't help but think it could be due to the stress of his current situation. 

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Since Chris has been making himself scarce lately, Ashley's photo with him is a pretty big deal, and as it gains more and more views and traction, it seems like she's had to deal with a bit of backlash for it. Later, she took to the comments to share her thoughts on the situation after mentioning that Chris was "kindhearted and very sweet." 

She wrote: 

I didn't ask him for the 'selfie.' I had been talking to him and he mentioned I could get a picture with him if I wanted. . . If I knew people thought he was in 'hiding,' i would have never posted his picture. I am so sorry, Chris. 

We just hope that Chris is okay -- and that he and the wreck victim's family are healing from the accident as best as they can.

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