Latest 'Bachelor' Bust-Up: Becca Tilley & Robert Graham

becca Tillley Robert Graham

This is turning out to be a big week for Bachelor alums to call it quits! Just days after Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell ended their engagement, Becca Tilley and her beau Robert Graham have broken up. Coincidence?


Probably, but we do know that Tilley competed on Higgins's season after coming in second fiddle during Chris Soules's season. (But, hey, you never know, Bachelor Nation can be one crazy crew!) Graham vied for the affections of Desiree Hartsock on The Bachelorette.

Though the 28-year-old from Louisiana previously gushed about Graham's good looks and patience with her (no doubt a reference to her closely guarded virginal status), they're done, according to sources.

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While some fans might say they saw this one coming, just three weeks ago Becca posed a sweet throwback photo of the couple in honor of Graham's birthday.

becca Tillley Robert Graham
Alongside the cute pic, she wrote the caption: 

Our first photo together! You are a 10/10 Bob! Happy happy birthday! You look the same as you did in 2015, so I'm pleased to see the stress I've caused is not aging you physically!

That whole "How does he put up with me?" routine sort of makes you wonder what was really going on with the duo.

Neither has released a statement yet so it's hard to know who initiated the split. Either way, we're sure neither will be alone for long! 

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