Jenelle Evans's Beef With David Eason's Sister Is Getting Out of Hand

Jenelle Evans baby Ensley

So far, it seems like Jenelle Evans's relationship with David Eason is nothing short of a fairy tale, but when it comes to his family? Nothing could be further from the truth. Jenelle is feuding with David's sister, and things are getting seriously ugly. 


As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, this fight between Jessica and Jenelle has been going on for a while now -- and it's been very public all over social media. And even though it may have seemed like it was over, it's back, and now, it's worse than ever. 

In one of Jenelle's recent Facebook status updates, she took to the comments to respond to people who were taking her side ... trash talking Jessica in the process. 


And that is just the beginning.

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Now, Jessica is firing back on Twitter, and what she has to say about Jenelle is not pretty. 


Basically, her entire Twitter feed is dedicated to calling Jenelle out as many times as possible, so it's pretty clear that this fight isn't going to die out anytime soon -- which is a serious bummer, since Jenelle's wedding to David is coming up. 

Whatever happens next, we have a feeling it's not going to be good. Hopefully, no one gets hurt in the process. Family battles can get really brutal, and this one is already way past that! 

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