'Teen Mom' Producer Got Fired & the Stars Are Blaming Each Other

teen mom producer heather

Remember Heather Walsh? The producer who appeared on Teen Mom OG and could be seen trying to help both Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood navigate their lives? Well, if you've been wondering where she went this season, word has it that MTV fired Heather


Why, you ask? Well, Amber and Simon Saran seem to think they know the answer, and surprise, surprise, they're pointing fingers and throwing shade. 

It was first reported that Walsh was fired for staying over at Farrah's house, which is apparently not allowed. Then came the accusations that it was actually Amber who got her fired. According to Starcasm, Saran tweeted (and then deleted):

Heather was fired because Amber threatened to quit the show. Then MTV worked out a 'deal with her since she couldn't handle the heat.

He followed that up with another tweet that reportedly read:

The deal was Amber stays and Heather goes. A way for them to hide the truth about Amber and what goes on behind close doors.

Amber furiously denied the accusations with her own tweet: 

Why would I do that to her ... I mean I'm an ass sometimes but I wouldn't really want her fired. Maybe if Simon and Farrah didn't always party then she would have been fine. That's all I'm going to say ...

We doubt that's all that either of them will have to say about the subject, but for now, those are their stories, and they're sticking to 'em. The truth will eventually come out and probably lie somewhere in the middle ... or very far from it. 

In any case, it's too bad to see Heather go from Teen Mom. She seemed to have a close relationship with Farrah in particular and to be a supportive presence in her life. Fortunately, it sounds like she and Farrah already have something else in the works, according to a recent Instagram picture Farrah posted. 

Farrah Abraham Heather Walsh

We can't wait to see what they have in store for us. 

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