Farrah Abraham's Relationship With Her Mom Takes Another Unfortunate Turn

Farrah Abraham and her mom

Sounds like Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition might not have worked for Farrah Abraham and her fam. Instead of their relationship being repaired, it sounds like they're more estranged than ever. Debra Danielsen said she hasn't seen Farrah in over six months. Uh-oh. 


In an interview with Radar Online, Debra opened up about her struggle with Farrah. According to her, she hasn't seen Farrah or Sophia since December, and she's pretty heartbroken over it. What could have caused their rift to get that big?!

Debra told the site: 

Farrah told me she's taking a break. I'm very sad because I love Farrah and Sophia, they're my life. I miss them very much. We've always been a close family. I have reached out many times. Texts, phone calls, business things -- everything is ignored.

We don't know if we would say they've been a close family -- they've always had their differences as far as we can tell on Teen Mom. But no matter what, they've always been able to see each other ... until now, apparently. 

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Debra also suggested that her fiancé, David, could be to blame for their issues, which definitely makes sense since Farrah's clearly never been a fan of his, especially after he went after her during their very first meeting. But will that keep them apart forever?

The weirdest part of this story, though? Farrah told the site that nothing her mom has said is true, and that they haven't been estranged. So what is the truth?!

Sigh. Always family drama from the Abrahams, but now we really are confused. Here's hoping they clear things up soon -- we want to know what's going on.

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