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18 of Jenelle Evans's Most Eye-Popping Outfits

TV CafeMom Contributors May 19, 2017

Jenelle Evans mirror selfie

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has come a long way and been through more than her fair share of hardships -- and she's come out stronger and happier on the other end. We've loved watching her grow as a person and as a mom -- and we've also loved watching her unique and always interesting style choices along the way. 

Granted, as she's gotten older, she's definitely experimented with her look a bit more, and often opts for a more sexy style of dress. But given her dramatic body transformation after welcoming Kaiser into the picture, we really can't blame her for wanting to show off the results of all those long hours spent in the gym. Girl has some serious muscles, and we applaud her for being so dedicated to her fitness regime. Let's take a look back at the times Jenelle's outfits made people turn their heads and take notice. We have a feeling we've only scratched the surface as far as how many times she'll stop us in our tracks in the future goes. Work it, Jenelle!

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1Hot Mama

After the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, Jenelle changed into this daring red dress and kept the party going while heading to Saddle Ranch in LA. She looks amazing!

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2Sporty Gal

In 2015, Jenelle Evans had everyone's heads turning in this dress she rocked in NYC at the Harlem GlobeTrotters 90th Anniversary Collection Fashion Show presented by Angela Simmons.

4Sexy Back

That back, though! Jenelle is looking ripped and amazing in this shot -- and that top is definitely eye-grabbing. Go, girl. We love the hashtag #FitMomma that she included on Instagram.

5Birthday Girl

Jenelle was looking H-O-T in this birthday selfie from 2015. That's definitely one way to ring in a brand-new year! Happy birthday, mama.

7Sultry Selfie

Jenelle has perfected the art of the bathroom mirror selfie, as evidenced in this 2015 pic. And check out that hair! Jenelle is rocking those long dark locks for sure.

8Striking a Pose

"VS dressing room was too sick not to take a pic in West Hollywood," Jenelle captioned this alluring 2015 snap. We love seeing Jenelle happy and having fun.

10Mellow Yellow

Jenelle proved yellow is her color while getting ready to film an MTV segment in summer 2015. She should definitely rock this color more often, don't you think?


Jenelle is on FIRE -- look at that swimsuit she rocked in summer 2015! You've got to be brave to rock a bikini like that -- we admire her confidence.

13Feeling Good

"Feeling quite sexy," Jenelle wrote with this summer 2014 pic. Go, girl -- you look fab. We love the glasses too. 

14Wild Child

Move over, Kesha -- Jenelle was all about her Miley Cyrus phase for a while there in early 2014! And what's more quintassential 2014-era Miley than a tongue sticking out? 

16Double Trouble

"Outfit for tonight. #MissMe," Jenelle wrote with this October 2013 pic. Wonder who she was talking to! Our girl certainly got her point across.

17Simply Sparkling

Jenelle shined in this sparkling number she wore at the beginning of 2013 -- and wowed everyone while doing so. What better way to ring in the beginning of a brand-new year than to come out shining?

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