Leah Messer's Reported Ex Spills Details on Their Secret Relationship


It's been a while since Leah Messer has had a man in her life ... or has it? A guy claiming to be Leah's ex spoke out about their secret relationship, and it sounds like even though their romance is over, he's missing her already. 


According to what her ex -- whose name is Scotty Ayre -- tells Radar Online, they dated not too long ago, but their relationship didn't exactly work out -- something he blames in part on the fact that he thinks she might be back together with Jeremy Calvert. 

But does that mean he never wants to see her again? Nope. Here's what Scotty told Radar: 

We were a 'thing' but she didn't know what she wanted so we just fell out. It was a train wreck dating her! .... I wish she would give me another chance, but I have to let her come to me. I can't chase her. 

Oh, boy. 

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Scotty also added that although there have been rumors that Leah was into drugs in the past, he doesn't think that they're true, and that he never saw her using anything she wasn't supposed to. So at least that's good news?! 

There's no way of knowing if anything Scotty said was true, actually, but we do know one thing for sure -- if he wants to get back with Leah, blabbing about their relationship to a website is probably the last thing he should be doing. 

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