14 of Farrah Abraham's Raciest Instagram Photos

Nicole Pomarico | May 22, 2017 TV
14 of Farrah Abraham's Raciest Instagram Photos

Farrah Abraham selfie

Although every Teen Mom cast member has had her moment every now and then, we'd have to say that Farrah Abraham is the one most known for being scandalous. And it's not just because of the infamous sex tape that gets mentioned on the show from time to time; it's also because of what she shares on Instagram too. This mama has absolutely no boundaries when it comes to showing off her body. When it comes to NSFW Instagram pics, Farrah's account has it all. Whether she's posting a topless pic or posing in a skimpy bikini, this mama's always going for shock value -- and she always looks amazing.

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Hey, we can't knock it. We'd show off our bodies too if we looked that good after childbirth. And Farrah? Well, she looks amazing. Sure, we've seen a lot of her in some of her other career decisions *ahem* -- but this girl always gives us something to peep at. And it seems like showing off her body has gotten this reality-queen a fair amount of endorsement deals from her admirable assets. She might be the teen mom who shows the most skin, but that's sort of why we love her. And she says the craziest things too! Someone needs to go full bad-girl -- and Farrah scratches that itch.

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Check out our picks of Farrah's raciest Instagram photos  -- they are sure to leave folks wanting more! 


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