Javi Marroquin Is Lawyering Up Before Kailyn Lowry's Baby Arrives

Javi Marroquin

Remember the Delaware law that states Javi Marroquin could be the presumed father of Kailyn Lowry's baby since he or she will be born so soon after their split? Sounds like Lincoln's dad is getting ready to take care of business. Javi says he's lawyering up to protect himself from being financially responsible for Kail's baby, and he's not playing around this time.


Javi talked to Radar Online about the situation, and although he said himself that he's "not worried" about what will happen, he's also not taking any chances just in case Kail decides to go after him for child support. 

"I'm doing what I have to just in case she doesn't put him on [the birth certificate]," Javi said of Chris Lopez, Kaily's baby daddy. "I'm talking to my attorney right now." 

Since the law states that Javi must formally file a statement denying paternity to keep him in the clear, it's probably for the best that he's getting this all squared away. Not that we think Kail would hold him responsible, but it's still a smart move.

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Kail's lawyer, David J. Bever, talked to the site too, and it sounds like the whole process will be pretty simple. If both Javi and Chris fail to file the proper paperwork, all Kail has to do is request a paternity hearing, and then after testing, the rightful dad will be responsible. 

Sounds like there's a chance this can get resolved quickly and with minimal amounts of drama, or so we hope. Everyone involved has already had to deal with enough of that.

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