Farrah Abraham Slams Her 'Teen Mom' Costars for 'Popping Out Babies'

teen mom og cast

Farrah Abraham has never been one to shower compliments on her Teen Mom OG costars, but now? Her insults are hitting them where it hurts. According to what she said in a recent interview, Farrah thinks her costars need to stop having babies, and this mama isn't willing to sugarcoat it. 


While talking to Hollywood Life's podcast, not only did Farrah address why she's elected to keep Sophia an only chlid (for now, anyway), but she also opened up about why she thinks the other moms on the show need to do the same. 

The interview started off harmless enough, with Farrah talking about her personal choices. She said: 

It's definitely been my choice every day to not have another child at this time, and I think that's allowed me to really be sure that I have a relationship with the right people. I didn't want to rush that or hurry into a marriage. I don't need more children if it's not right. I know the environment that I need to feel happy and satisfied and if I don't have that right now, I'm not going to rush it. 

Fair enough, right? Sounds like Farrah knows herself well enough to make the right decisions for her and her kiddo. But then, she laid into Maci, Catelynn, and Amber as a group, and it sounds like she thinks their choices have been the wrong ones.

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Farrah continued: 

Maybe they feel comfortable and they're satisfied with where they are and then they want to do that. I don't feel like while I'm filming Teen Mom I should procreate. Some people, that's just what they believe in and they'll just keep popping out kiddos ... I will not be sharing my stage with [them] further. I don't know where the jealousy stems from. I think it's just their inner hatred toward themselves, but I don't need to contribute or be friends. 

Harsh words, girl! But knowing how Farrah's felt about her costars lately, is this really surprising?  

Regardless of what Farrah thinks, we hope her costars continue to live their lives in a way that they choose and makes them happy -- and that Farrah does the same thing.

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