Jenelle Evans Claims Her Mom Kept Jace From Her on Mother's Day

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Never a dull moment! To know Jenelle Evans is to be painfully aware of the issues she has with her mom. Jenelle and Barbara Evans have never gotten along (and many times Jenelle is at at fault), but this past Mother's Day, Barbara may have sunk to a new low: She kept Jace from Jenelle on Mother's Day. Damn, Babs. That's bad for even you. 


For a while now, Jenelle has been claiming that her mother, who has custody of her eldest son, has been trying to keep him away from her -- to a bizarre degree. The Teen Mom 2 star says that her mother has repeatedly canceled scheduled visits she was supposed to have with Jace and has denied her permission to take him on family outings. 

But the kicker came on Mother's Day -- a day Jenelle was supposed to be with all of her kids. 

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In a series of tweets, Jenelle revealed how upset she was that her mother wouldn't "allow" her to have Jace on Mother's Day. "On Mother's Day I won't have him," Jenelle tweeted. "I'm torn. Was mad for too long then turned into tears the rest of my night. She ignores my calls and texts and took Jace and hid from me all day in her house locked up. No lie."

Not cool. 

There was a silver lining for Jenelle, though. She got to spend the day with her two youngest children, and she seems to be hopeful that things will change -- someday -- with her mother.

Jenelle shared a sweet photo with her kiddos, along with a positive message. "HappyMothersDay to me! The kids and David made me this homemade chalk board for our house and even drew one awesome picture on it. I'm in love!" she wrote. "This day didn't go the way I imagined but there will be many more to come in the future. #Hopeful #GoodVibesOnly #Family"

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Very sweet. 

Jenelle has come a long way recently. Hopefully her mother will be able to see this and let her spend more time with Jace. Historically speaking, Jenelle may not be the most responsible person in the world, but it takes two to tango, Barb. 

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