Maci Bookout: 3 Things Fans Have Always Wanted to Know About Me

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney

Over the years, I have been asked all kinds of questions, both in person and through social media. But given how busy I am these days, it's tough to answer each and every one of them. And that's why I decided to hop on Twitter to give my followers a chance to ask me anything they might be wondering about me, in an effort to get to know me a little better.


I had tons of replies, and most of the questions were similar, so I decided to answer the three that were asked the most. If yours isn't answered in this post, be sure to be on the lookout for another "Q&A" in the future!

@S_NicoleAllen: What is it like to be a mom of three, with two being so close in age?

For me personally (and many others I'm sure), the answer to this question can change every single moment, of every single day. Which is what makes motherhood the hardest, yet most rewarding journey. There are days (actually every day) where I'm completely exhausted and overwhelmed. You know -- the days where it seems like everything has piled up all of a sudden.

We are out of diapers and formula, and also dog food. One baby wants me to play while the other baby just wants me to lay with them. Bentley needs lunch money yet again, and I can't forget it's our turn to bring snacks/drinks for his ball team after the game tonight. Oh and it's the last day to sign/return the field trip permission form that I did forget about (even though I purposely put the form in spot where I wouldn't forget about it).

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Okay, honestly these small things don't even begin to put a dent in what a "typical" day consists of. Although it is hectic chaos, it really is awesome to be a mom of three! Because no matter how many times I try not to lose my shit that day, there is always the one moment that makes all the stress, doubt, and fear disappear. Like when I'm staring at the pile of dishes in the sink, wondering if I have an ounce of energy left to get them done. Then all of a sudden I hear the cutest "can't stop" toddler giggling, and I look over to find Bentley doing any sort of silly thing he can think of to make his baby sister and brother laugh.

Sometimes he doesn't know that I'm watching, but I am. It's in those moments when I realize that the dishes in the sink are "the small things," and the memories being made are not small things. The dishes can wait, and the memories ... well, they cannot wait!

@cwh615: What are your favorite TV shows?

A couple of my personal favorites would have to be Suits, Naked and Afraid, Survivor, and How to Get Away With Murder. Also, Taylor and I love watching 60 Days In and Law & Order: SVU. My guilty pleasure is definitely The Real Housewives, but I can only watch RH when I find some alone time, haha! 

@mandapandacali: What's your favorite thing to do with your family and why?

Camping!! I grew up camping with my family many times a year, and those are some of my favorite childhood memories. So I definitely wanted to keep that going with my kids. We go a few times a year, sometimes a few hours away, and sometimes we literally drive 10 minutes from our house. No cell phones, no TVs or tablets. We love to go on hikes, ride bicycles, and go fishing!

It's nice to just be outside and spending time with each other. Even just eating supper at the kitchen table every night is great, and some of the best conversations we have as a family happen around the campfire. It's the best! Don't forget the s'mores. I'm the self-proclaimed "queen of s'mores." You can ask anyone who's had one my s'mores, and they’ll tell ya that I make 'em the best!

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