Briana DeJesus May Have Taken Drastic Measures to Be Cast on 'Teen Mom 2'

briana dejesus

We're still getting used to the idea that Briana DeJesus is joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 next season, and it's even more unexpected now that we hear what could have been going on behind the scenes. Briana reportedly got plastic surgery to get on Teen Mom -- that's some serious effort! 


According to what famed plastic surgeon Dr. Miami tells Radar Online, that's exactly what happened -- and he seems pretty proud of his work. Briana hasn't tried to hide the fact that she's undergone several procedures including a butt lift, labiaplasty, and boob job, and now it sounds like it might not have just been to make her more confident in the way she looks.

Dr. Miami told the site: 

The vast majority of work that I do is on regular moms. Everyone wants to feel more confident in their bodies and I believe that Briana would have had the surgery even if she was not on TV, but I think that it helped her [with Teen Mom]. When you are in the public eye, you want to look your best. Was she a diva? Not to me. She was really nice to me. But they want to be nice to me so that I do a good job! 

Hmm ...

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We really hope Dr. Miami is right and that Briana did surgery for herself, because that's all that really matters -- not being on Teen Mom. It's a cool opportunity, of course, but it's not worth changing her body for it. With or without the plastic surgery, she is beautiful, and we hope she knows that.

It'll definitely be interesting when Briana becomes part of the Teen Mom 2 crew later this year, and we're looking forward to catching up with her, especially since she's expecting another baby. It's about time this show decided to shake things up.

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