Amber Portwood Makes a Shocking Admission About Matt Baier

Amber Portwood Matt Baier

The drama is finally heating up on Teen Mom OG this season, and surprisingly enough? Most of it has to do with their parents -- except for a certain mom who's starting to doubt whether or not she should make a huge commitment to her man later this year. 


Since the breakup rumors have been at an all-time high lately, it's no surprise that Amber is rethinking her decision to marry Matt, and from everything we saw and heard from her on this week's episode, it seems like putting the wedding off for now might actually be a good idea. When you start saying things like "all my depression is caused by him," and stressing out about how much you might trust him, a few red flags pop up. Just saying ... 

And trying on wedding dresses when she was having so many doubts?! Maybe not the best idea, but the one she put on was so gorgeous on her. If she and Matt do end up tying the knot, that might be the one.

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Catelynn and Tyler had their own stressful situation, but it didn't have anything to do with their relationship. It's a bummer to hear that Butch relapsed again, but it's awesome that he was honest with Tyler about it and immediately went to get help via a FaceTime call with Dr. Drew to see what he recommends. 

Plus, how sweet was it that Tyler reassured him that his unconditional love for him still exists?! Their bond is so special that we'd hate to see Butch's addiction ruin it. Hopefully he'll be healthy and happy from here on out! 

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And the drama between Maci and Ryan over their custody of Bentley? Still happening. We couldn't believe that Mackenzie told Jen and Larry about her chat with Maci, but she did and they're pissed. Yeah, it makes sense that they don't like what Maci had to say, but still, she's the mom -- not them.

One of these days, Maci and Ryan will be able to sort this thing out, but this episode was not when that happened. The good news? Bentley's happy despite it all, and he is too cute playing with Jayde. Their brother/sister relationship is so sweet! 

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But the biggest shocker of them all? The fact that Farrah and her mom were the most chill we've seen them in a while. She obviously wasn't happy to go out to eat with Deb and her fiancé, David -- and who could blame her, after the last time they got together -- but at least they managed to have a semi-peaceful meal together. Progress! 

Here's hoping their truce lasts through Deb's wedding, if she goes through with it. We don't want to see Farrah as a pissed bridesmaid!

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