Chelsea DeBoer's New Pic of Cole & Watson Is Everything

cole watson deboer

If you needed one more reason to fall in love with Cole DeBoer, here ya go. Chelsea posted a new photo of Cole and Watson, and we can't disagree with her -- he's a pretty great dad.


It's hard to tell exactly where this adorable family is -- maybe a doctor's visit for the little one? -- but what is obvious is how cute Cole is with Watson strapped to his chest. No matter how many photos Chelsea shares, we just can't get over this daddy/son duo! 

cole watson deboer

Even better? How much Cole is loving that dad life. Look at that grin! We can't see Watson's face, but we have a feeling he's smiling, too. How could he not be with a dad like that? 

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We love how happy Chelsea has been since Cole (and then their baby) came into her life. After being stuck in that cycle with Adam and searching for her prince for so long, we're so happy that she's found exactly what she was looking for -- and she seems to be enjoying every minute of it. 

Mother's Day might have come and gone, but Father's Day is now right around the corner, and it's Cole's first since Watson was born. We can't wait to see what Aubree and Watson have planned.

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