Javi Marroquin Might Be the 'Father' of Kailyn Lowry's Baby After All

Javi Marroquin

The drama between Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry has been real over the past year, and now that she's expecting her third child, it's gotten even worse -- even though she's been adamant that Javi isn't the baby's father. But what if that doesn't matter? There's a chance Javi could be legally forced to help Kail financially with her new baby, even though she confirmed her baby daddy is Chris Lopez. 


According to Radar Online, there's a law in Delaware -- where Kail and Javi live -- that an ex-husband is the presumed father of a baby who is born less than 300 days after the divorce, which should definitely apply to Kail's little one. And in order to avoid that, two things need to happen: Javi needs to formally deny his paternity, and Chris needs to formally acknowledge his paternity in the courts. 

Even though Kail has been open about the fact that Chris is the father and her plans to go it alone as a single mom from the get-go, this law would make Javi legally obligated to the baby should she need child support or anything like that. 

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The potential for major court room drama here is huge, but we doubt (and hope) it wouldn't come to that. Since Kailyn has never once insinuated that Javi could be the father, it would be a little odd if she went after him for money, and she's seemed so set on doing this on her own anyway. 

Radar added that Javi hasn't filed a denial yet, but it might not be a bad idea if he did, just to protect himself in the future. It's unclear how involved Chris plans to be in his child's life, but this could really get sticky. Stay tuned.

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