Nick Viall Makes a Bold Admission About His Reality TV Career

Nick Viall Vanessa Grimaldi

It's hard to believe that now that Nick Viall is settled down with Vanessa Grimaldi, he's officially done searching for love via the Bachelor franchise, and this piece of news is even more difficult to swallow: Apparently Nick plans to retire from romantic reality TV after Dancing With the Stars, but we're not so sure we're buying it.


While talking to Entertainment Weekly radio, Nick made a pretty bold statement by saying that he's done sharing his love life and his relationship with millions of people on TV. Not that we blame him, of course, but we're not convinced he'll keep that promise. This guy loves the spotlight way too much!

He told the show: 

I can strongly say with conviction that as far as being on a TV show that documents my love life of any kind, I'm done with. Nick is retired, but I'm also very thankful. 

That's sweet! And if he's serious, it's probably a good choice for his relationship. All those cameras can't be easy on an engagement, and we're relieved just to know that he and Vanessa survived Dancing With The Stars

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And speaking of reality shows, Nick also shared his true thoughts on The Bachelor, and they weren't all positive. 

He added: 

No disrespect to The Bachelor and things like that, because I'm a big believer in the process, but it's also not reality. It's a very beautiful, engineered environment. It does work, has worked; people have been born as results. You certainly cannot mock the process. I have no regrets. 

True that. Hopefully Nick's new approach to life post-Bachelor will only mean great things for him and Vanessa. After how long he searched for his happy ending, we'd hate to see them split.

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