Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy Drama Just Went Up Another Level

Kailyn Lowry book signing

Even though we know who Kailyn Lowry's new baby daddy is, the drama still hasn't stopped coming. Apparently Chris Lopez was caught in bed with another woman, and there's a chance Kail is getting jealous.


Remember that photo of Kail in bed with a male friend that surfaced over the weekend while she was in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie & TV Awards? As it turns out, it may have been posted in revenge. According to what an insider tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup, last week, Chris shared a photo of him in bed with someone else. Could Kail be trying to make him jealous now?! 

The insider even shared a screenshot of Chris's Snapchat and added that more graphic photos had been shared as well. Yikes! 

And the drama gets worse, if you can believe that. Apparently the girl in the pictures is someone Chris was dating while he was with Kail.

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But when it comes to the subject, Kail is a woman of few words. "I hope he is figuring his stuff out and making himself happy," she told The Ashley

Hearing this new development really makes us think that Chris may not be involved in his baby's life at all, which really sucks -- not just for Kail, but for their kid too. Maybe he'll come around before Kail's due date arrives this summer? We hope so. 

Knowing how complicated this situation is, it sounds like this is just scratching the surface of what could happen once this baby is born. We'll still hope for the best, though. We don't want Kail (or her baby) to suffer.

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