Javi Marroquin Gets Emotional About How Life Has Changed for Lincoln

Javi Marroquin and Lincoln

Even though their divorce has been final for months, it can't be easy for Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry to separate their lives from each other since they have a son together. And just in case you were worried about how their split would affect little son, Lincoln, don't be. Javi recently shared a sweet message for Lincoln, and it sounds like this father/son duo is going to be just fine. 


Javi took to Instagram to post a photo of Lincoln fast asleep (and adorable, as always), along with a heartfelt message to his son about how sad he is that he was unable to make things work with Kail for Lincoln's sake, promising to never let him down. 

Lincoln Marroquin

Javi wrote: 

Usually during bedtime I get in my feelings ... There's days I just want to say I'm sorry we couldn't figure it out. There's days I know you and me are better off. There's days I give you my all. There's days I realize I'll never abandon you. There's days I wish you never have to feel daddy's pain. There's days I hope I can hide the unimportant things. Then there's days I realize you'll be the man I never could be. I'll make sure I pick up all the pieces you're missing.

Is it just us, or do you want to cry, too? Poor Javi must be dealing with so much right now.

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Hopefully things will get easier for him with time. After everything he's been through, he could certainly use a break ... and maybe even a new lady to settle down with? We know the right gal for him is out there somewhere.

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