Maci Bookout Had a Surprising Reaction to Ex Ryan Edwards's Engagement

Maci Bookout Bentley

We've known about their engagement for a few months now, but on this week's new episode of Teen Mom OG, we finally got to see Ryan Edwards get down on one knee and ask Mackenzie Standifer to marry him. And we're getting a few more details about what went on behind the scenes too. Maci kept Ryan's engagement a secret from Bentley at first, but the reason is just too adorable. 


Maci talked to MTV News about Ryan's proposal, and even though she's really excited for her ex, the first thing she had to do was keep the news to herself because Ryan and Mackenzie wanted to tell Bentley in person. 

Maci told the site: 

[Mackenzie] called and told me, and Bentley was going to their house the next day. And she was super excited when she called me. She told me not to tell Bentley because they planned to tell him in person the next day. It was a tough secret to keep because I wanted to be excited with him, but obviously, it wasn't my place to tell him.

Can you imagine keeping a secret like that? Maci must have serious willpower to keep that in.

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And as you might have guessed, Maci had nothing bad to say about Mackenzie to MTV, since all along, she's made it pretty clear that she adores her and was hoping that she'd be sticking around for the long haul. 

She added:

They genuinely care about each other. They have a very healthy relationship. I think she's very understanding and supportive of him -- she's a really good friend to him, but she also has enough of a 'I'm not going to put up with your sh*t' attitude. It's the perfect balance for what Ryan needs in a partner. I like her, so it has to be easier on him.

Aww. They may have had their differences in the past -- and still have things they're working on now -- but the co-parenting relationship Maci and Ryan have created is really awesome. Hopefully this continues well past Mackenzie and Ryan's wedding day. 

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