Chris Soules Formally Charged With a Class D Felony

Chris Soules Bachelor

More than a week has passed since Chris Soules was arrested after a fatal accident in his Iowa hometown, and now, we have more details on his impending court date. Chris has formally been charged with a class D felony


In late April, Chris was involved in a fatal accident in which his pickup truck rear-ended neighbor Kenneth Mosher's tractor. Mosher later died from his injuries. Chris was arrested for allegedly leaving the scene after he called 911 and medical help arrived.

According to Us Weekly, who obtained court documents pertaining to Chris's case, a judge has said that the prosecution against him can continue, scheduling him for his arraignment on May 23. This also means that his hearing scheduled for later this week on May 10 has been canceled. 

Local Iowa outlet The Gazette adds that this kind of charge could lead to a sentence of up to five years in prison. They also reported that the Buchanan County Attorney's Office says Chris shouldn't have left the scene unless he was seeking aid or reporting the crash to authorities.

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Since the accident, many people who know Chris personally, from Bachelor alumni to the family of the victim, have spoken out to defend him. Chris himself has remained quiet, and even deleted his Instagram account following his release from jail.

Currently Chris is unable to leave the country before his arraignment and was released on bond with the agreement that he would wear an ankle monitor. Despite his next court date being scheduled, it certainly sounds like there's a long road head of him before he can put the accident behind him -- and being that he knew the victim, the story is even more heartbreaking. 

Hopefully the process will be as easy as possible for everyone involved. We can't imagine how difficult this must be for Chris and for Kenneth's loved ones.

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