Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi Make a Serious Relationship Move

nick viall and Vanessa Grimaldi
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And people said it wouldn't last. Silencing the naysayers (for now, at least), Bachelor stars Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi just moved in together. At a pre–MTV Movie & TV Awards party, Vanessa chatted with E!, revealing all the juicy (and domestic) details of her life with Nick. We're rooting for you, guys!


Vanessa told reporters that she officially left her home and her family in Montreal, in order to be with Nick. "[Nick and I] are both very happy about that decision," she said. "Both of our families are very happy that we're together and we're starting our life together." Vanessa also said that despite the fact that she's a bona fide reality star now, she still plans on continuing her career as a special education teacher. "I'm still planning on teaching," Vanessa revealed. "I'm still planning on being part of that life that I had in Montreal. It was a decision we both made."

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From all accounts, it seems like so far life in LA is suiting Vanessa just fine. Apparently, she FaceTimes her family and her nephew every day, but she and Nick are going back in a few weeks to visit them. 

nick viall and vanessa grimaldi

Vanessa also revealed that an ideal date for the couple is simply staying home and doing nothing. "Staying home in your pajamas and not having to put curlers in your hair and makeup and having to dress up and put up a push-up bra," she told E! when asked about her dream night with Nick. She also added that watching Nick cook shirtless "isn't a bad date either." Yeah, not so much. 

Whatever the future holds for Nick and Vanessa, it sounds like they're enjoying life with each other immensely right now. But hopefully this is just the beginning. 

Be the exception, guys. You can do it. 

nick viall and vanessa grimaldi

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