21 Surprising Faces Behind Some of Your Favorite Cartoons

voices of cartoons
Fox; Ciao Hollywood/Splash News; Cartoon Network; Michael Bezjian/WireImage/Getty; Disney; AdMedia/Splash News

How many times have you walked through a room where a TV is playing cartoons, and you know without even looking what show is on? If you're anything like us (not in small part due to little cartoon-lovers we keep around), the answer is "just about a dozen times a day."


That's because while bright colors and beautiful animation will bring a cartoon to life, it's really the vocal performances that make these characters unforgettable. What's The Simpsons without Bart's 'tude-filled "Cowabunga!"? Or SpongeBob without his trademark lispy enthusiasm about everything in Bikini Bottom? 

Voice actors bring the heat when it comes to brilliant performances, but would you recognize them passing by on the street? Here's a glimpse of what 21 of your favorite animated TV characters "look like" in real life. Don't be shocked if their faces don't exactly match the characters they perform!