Jeremy Calvert Goes on a Drunken Live Rant About Brooke Wehr

Jeremy Calvert

Jeremy Calvert has been in a whole mess of drama these days. Not only did he recently confirm his breakup with Brooke Wehr, but he's also trying to make it clear he's not getting back together with his ex Leah Messer ... or is he? On Thursday night, Jeremy went on a drunken live rant, and now we're officially confused.  


Just in case you didn't realize how dangerous Instagram's live video feature plus alcohol could be, here's a prime example. At first, he went off on people who think that he and Leah are getting back together, dropping plenty of F-bombs in the process, and then he said something like, "we are f—king," which was a total shock. He breezed right by it, though, so it's hard to tell if that's what he actually said or meant.

And then, it was Brooke's turn. Not only did he blatantly state that he did sleep with her best friend, but that she cheated on him while they were together ... and that's just scratching the surface.

Wanna see it yourself? You can catch the video here.  

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Jeremy's rant continued for more than 10 minutes, containing plenty of vulgar language and cussing, so if little ones are around, you might want to wait to watch the video until they aren't. Even so, it's ridiculously entertaining. No stone was left unturned, between MTV, his relationships, and the state of America. 

Yep. It got that real. 

No idea on whether or not Jeremy regrets going live in the light of day, but with how open he's been lately, it's just a matter of time before we find out. If you need us, we'll be watching this epic rant one more time. It's just too good.

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